Hormone & Fertility Awareness w/ Hannah Ransom

It’s been said that hormones are “the messengers of life.” But that also means that a lot of women are struggling with all sorts of hormonal drama – in fact, I get asked hormone-related questions from women all the time – which is why I cover this extensively in The Orgasm Prescription.

As the creator of the HER Fertility Program, Hannah Ransom is intimately familiar with the processes underpinning hormone biology in women. She’s used this knowledge to develop a natural, holistic approach to managing hormones.

So if you’re tired of hormonal troubles – whether you’re coming off birth control or entering menopause – this is the interview for you. Here, you’ll learn what cervical fluid is – and what it tells you about your hormones. You’ll learn how fertility awareness can help provide a natural method of birth control – eliminating side effects of the pill.

Hannah Ransom is a certified fertility awareness educator who is passionate about women knowing their options when it comes to their fertility management. She runs the websitewww.holistichormonalhealth.com and is the creator of the HER Fertility Program.

You can join her online fertility mini-school for free . Your free access to that mini-school gives you lots of great resources on fertility awareness and hormonal management, including videos and downloadable guides.