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Chapter 1

The Biology and Neurochemistry of Desire, Arousal and Orgasm

Video interviews with experts: Dr. Mike Dow, Nick Haines and Devi Ward

Chapter 2

Barriers to Orgasm Part 1: Health and Hormones

Video interviews with experts: Rosemarie Wedell-Wedellsborg and Hannah Ransom

Chapter 3

Barriers to Orgasm Part 2: Thoughts, Emotions and Stress

Video interview with experts: Rúna Magnús and Bitta Wiese

Chapter 4

Body Image, Self-talk, Self-compassion & Unconditional Self-acceptance

Video interviews with experts: Monika Laschkolnig, Marisa Peer, Bitta Wiese and Rúna Magnús

Chapter 5

Mindfulness Techniques to Enhance Pleasure and Sexual Release

Guided meditations & mindfulness practices to download or listen online

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Chapter 6

The 21-Day Program
for Orgasmic Bliss

21 Daily Rituals to Enhance Physical Sensitivity including audio meditations, affirmations & inspirational images


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