The 5 Elements in Love & Sex: Chinese Energetics & the Vitality Test w/ Nick Haines

Learn how the 5 elements of Chinese Medicine & philosophy impact your love life, your sexual expression and how well you get along with your partner.

Nick Haines has spent over 30 years teaching and practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in England and his Vitality Test online questionnaire has been taken by people all of the world.

In this interview Nick explains how people with Wood, Water, Fire, Earth and Metal express their sexual desires differently. It’s fascinating and provides valuable insights on how to keep your sex life alive as well as maintain harmony in your relationship.

Nick Haines is the co-founder of the Five Institute and creator of The Vitality Test. This free online questionnaire helps you discover which of the 5 elements of Chinese medicine influence you the most. Nick’s expertise spans over 3 decades and his insight and wisdom are proven to transform lives. In this interview you will learn how the elements play with each other – or not!

Find out if you’re a Wood, Water, Earth, Fire or Water type…and how they affect your sex life. From libido boosting to erectile dysfunction, the way we accept and flow with energy can make all the difference.

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